Democrat Comms Director Only Recently Became Aware Montana Exists

Among the usual leftwing cadre of enviro-statist lobbyist hacks, bored school teachers and literal lunatics, there has been a new voice on #mtpol recently, representing the Democratic east-coast establishment: Jason Pitt.

As far as twitter can tell, Jason only started caring about Montana about the same time he was hired by the Montana Democrats to do their communications.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Jason is a transient Democratic staffer that’s been kicked around from state to state with a career of uncertainty and no real long-term stable employment. After being pushed out of his cushy mid-western communications gig at the Democratic National Committee, he had no choice to but to accept a job in Montana. We can only assume he must have pissed somebody off at the DNC.

Before working for there, Jason worked as the communications director for gaffe-prone California Congresswomen Julia Brownley and for the shady dark money group OFA.

Simply looking at his resume, Jason sure seems like he cares more about his grabbing his next paycheck than any type of connection to Montana. But that’s not surprising given how out of touch the Democratic Party is with average people in this state.

So just to reiterate: The Democrats hired a Pennsylvanian, who has never worked in Montana, to tweet about how other people “don’t represent Montana values”.

Such hypocrisy, but no surprises.

As the Mclean-Bullock scandal unfolds the Democrats should be looking for chances to prove to Montanans that they somehow have their best interests at heart. Hiring an out of touch east-coaster sure won’t help.

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