Copper Commando is Montana blog that focuses primarily on politics. The site is curated by an administrator or administrators, but anyone is free to submit content, provided they know how to access the submission form.

Copper Commando’s submission form is a secure, anonymous platform. Anonymity is maintained technologically, to the point where not even the administrator or administrators know(s) who is submitting content, unless the authors choose to identify themselves.

Because of the extreme anonymity of the site, Copper Commando accepts a wide variety of viewpoints, and may publish articles with viewpoints that contradict each other, so long as the author(s) write from a limited government, individual liberty, or rights-oriented perspective. Copper Commando also accepts news tips from people outside of the content creation network. The administrator or administrators reserve(s) the right to edit content for clarity, grammar, and factual accuracy.

Copper Commando believes that anonymity can help reveal information that would otherwise not be available to the public, and can help expose corruption by guaranteeing that whistleblowers and concerned citizens will not face retaliation for sharing sensitive or damaging information.

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