Democrats in the Montana Legislature Visualized by the Potoo Bird

Thanks, Buzzfeed, for inspiring this post.

Democrats during the 2015 session. 



The Potoo bird’s expressions really seem to represent Montana’s Senate and House Democrats for the 2015 session. A picture is worth a 1000 words, plus we want to make sure our Public School Monopoly friends are able to understand this post. If they were just a little more literate, they may have been able to teach themselves simple things like their government “free money” actually comes from taxpayers and that passing more laws doesn’t fix everything. Enjoy!

6 Silver Bullets! Wait, what is this adverse committee report you speak of???



HB 5. Pork infrastructure bills the Governor can use for re-election? Nope. 



HB 2. 2 Days of attempting amendments. NO AMENDMENTS! 



Successfully Move and Pass Campaign Finance/Dark Money Bill (as in Steve Bullock’s corporate cash). Realize that the bills language is more confusing than common core math. #Lawsuit



Blasted Saturday Session. What Dies in Appropriations, Stays in Appropriations. 



Bills that protect gun rights and force Bullock to take a stance on the Second Amendment? OH NO!!


Tax cuts for Montanans? NO, NO, NO!


And lastly, a picture of Governor Bullock when he thinks about Greg Gianforte’s pending campaign.


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