Bullock Could Call Special Session to Aid Reelection Bid

Bullock prefers overspending and has promised to call a special session to make it happen.

The expected revenue for the next two years is much lower than what Bullock wants to spend. What does he do? He forces the legislatures estimate for expected revenues over the next two years to be compromised with the Governor’s budget office’s inflated revenue estimate. This creates a larger “expected” amount of revenue which means he can spend more money.

His goal? Infrastructure projects across the state, so throughout his reelection he can go from town to town toting how he helped each community out. This political bribery is pathetic.

Although the Senate increased the already 3% per year budget increase, this likely won’t be enough for Bullock. The threat is that an expensive and unnecessary special session will be called in to spend even more money. The worst part is that if he is as wrong as the legislative fiscal experts predict, an expensive special legislative session will have to be called in the next year to adjust and cut the budget to ensure the state doesn’t go into the red.

There isn’t a fiscal bone in Bullock’s body, only a political motive and a bully pulpit. Placing the blame on a fiscally reasonable legislature and calling legislators back is as meaningless as his motives. The worst part of “his plan” is placing blame on the legislature for not finishing their work, when in reality the legislature has done exactly what it has been elected to do. It has provided a functional, fiscally responsible budget that will not bankrupt Montana.

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  1. I too am worried about a special session, and many more down the road. I voice these concerns because the Montana GOP is out of control. Thank God we have Bullock’s veto pen, lest we be hurled back to the Middle Ages, our economy smashed to oblivion. That’s the goal of the GOP lunatics in the legislature, the ones that want to drain the treasury and do away with all essential services. Let’s not talk about the government handouts they get, however, like free healthcare all year and next year too.

    It’s easy to ignore those things while blathering on about infrastructure. Why on earth we aren’t doing more infrastructure spending and why we didn’t do it sooner is beyond me. It creates jobs. Good politics too.

    I suppose, Marcus, that’s what you get all bent out of shape for – the lack of good politics on the GOP side. I will sympathize with you. A party that hates women, black people, Indians, Native Americans, gay people, poor people, old people, and mentally-challenged people is hard to defend. I applaud you for trying once again.

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