Thank you Rep. Zolnikov for Busting A State Sponsored Monopoly

While it was a long day in the Montana House of Representatives yesterday some good did come of it. Our highlight was Representative Daniel Zolnikov blasting the Uber bill (SB396) onto the house floor with a rousing speech, leading to its ultimate passing of the house for second reading. The bill enjoyed bi-partisan support gaining a supporting speech from Representative Ellie Hill. Members from both parties were mixed on their yes and no votes.

It remains a curiosity why the no-voters pressed the button they did — especially the Republicans. Taxi services have been operating as a government shielded monopoly in Montana for some time, leading to a lack of drivers and generally poor service when compared to larger cities. It seems almost absurd to vote against this bill when you include the opportunity to reduce drunk driving Montana’s high DUI rates

…. aren’t Republicans supposed to be for smaller government?

No (34)
Moffie Funk (N)
Margaret (Margie) MacDonald (N)
Frank Garner (N)
Edward Greef (N)
Tom Berry (N)
Edith (Edie) McClafferty (N)
Denise Hayman (N)
Daniel Salomon (N)
Greg Hertz (N)
Robert (Bob) Mehlhoff (N)
Casey Schreiner (N)
Christy Clark (N)
Mike Miller (N)
Rob Cook (N)
Roy Hollandsworth (N)
Bridget Smith (N)
David (Doc) Moore (N)
Chuck Hunter (N)
Willis Curdy (N)
Kathy Swanson (N)
Geraldine Custer (N)
Pat Noonan (N)
Mitch Tropila (N)
George Kipp (N)
Susan Webber (N)
Jeffrey Welborn (N)
Rae Peppers (N)
Mike Lang (N)
Kathleen Williams (N)
Nancy Wilson (N)
Steve Lavin (N)
Gordon Pierson (N)
Ed Lieser (N)
Ryan Lynch (N)

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