Bullock is Running in Boston Instead of Serving in Montana

Governor Bullock made front page news today for running the Boston Marathon. We’re sure glad the Governor is staying in shape and taking some time for himself while the Legislature is in the home stretch of budget negotiations.

The Legislature is in the last 10 days of the 90 day session and budget negotiations are coming down to the wire. This is where the so-called rubber meets the road – and we’re not talking about the Governor’s tennis shoes hitting the Massachusetts pavement. Bullock has been consistently threatening to veto the budget or bring the Legislature back into a special session, and that all depends on how the budget negotiations pan out. This is arguably the most important week of the 2015 Legislature, and the governor missing in action, forgoing his job to go for a run on the East Coast.

We all know the governor frequently ditches Helena to raise dark money for his Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA) buddies and for his re-election campaign. We can only assume that he’ll schedule some fundraising during his time on the East Coast.

So, who is the governor sending in his place to negotiate our state’s $10 billion budget while he gets some exercise in Boston? With so much on the line, we can only hope he’s got his best people on it. We thought that this was important enough that he would want to be part of it, so the news that he’s across the country is doubly shocking.

If Bullock was as serious about his job and budget negotiations as he was his fitness passions, couldn’t he have waited five more days to run in Clinton Montana’s 10K Cougar Chase?

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